Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Treat

Just a little photoshop work today. My middle daughter makes calendars for the family every year filled with wonderful photos. The photos are of the previous year and usually feature the different activities that the family members got up to.

This photo was taken in 2011 when little baby Luc was visiting with his mom. The whole family went bowling one day. Luc becomes such a prop for his aunts and uncles.
This is the photo that showed up in last year's calendar. A little World Peace in sepia tones. I know it's not the exact photo but I guess this one worked better (I don't have this one in my files) and you get the idea anyway.
It's amazing what the world of computers has done. Take my updated profile picture - taken this past Sunday. My daughter cropped the photo since her sister was in the other half of it and I needed a new profile pic.


  1. LOVE your profile photo! Very nice, cute, sparkly! I have been fooling around so much on my computer that my arm is going through some sort of tied up knotty thing so I have to quit- Do housework or something that is so easily ignored - computer stuff is so much more interesting.
    Yes, the trees...so sad. They were just minding their own tree business...I really hate going out now , seeing the stumps, missing them so much.

  2. Playing with photos on the computer is one of my favorite activities.

  3. Cute picture:) I don't know what I'd do without that crop feature...LOL


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