Tuesday, December 14, 2010


First off, this is what came in the mail.

I had won these holiday cards when I followed along on Syko's blog tour (sorry, I forgot which blog it was since I went to all of them. I even forgot that I won them.) Unfortunately, I didn't win a copy of Kajsa's new book Scandinavian Stitches but I have put it on my wish list. BTW, Kajsa is a Finnish/Swedish designer and as you can see she has a distinctive style. Finland has two official languages - like Canada.

This too came from Finland. It's from my Finnish blogging friend Ulla as a thank you. A Finnish magazine with many "do it yourself" projects, some gorgeous Marimekko fabric with houses on it (I do love architecture and I love Marimekko designs), a card (typical Finnish Christmas cards are more like postcards, just like the ones in the first photo), and a wrapped present which will not be opened until perhaps Christmas Eve. Finns celebrate Christmas Eve and presents are opened then. When the children were growing up, I allowed them to open one gift Christmas Eve in honour of their heritage and I have kept up that little tradition.

And here's my twig tree with my gifts under it.

More surprises - but for someone else. This is what I'm working on at the present moment. They are gifts and so I cannot show you much more than these little sneak peaks.
Now, back to sewing....


  1. Some lovely things came your way! I look forward to see what you have been working on!

  2. Hi Dolores,
    Lucky you. We always open one pressie on Christmas Eve... one of us, used to try and sneak two. :-) x x x

  3. Good to see the mailman has been busy! Your twig tree is very elegant.

  4. I love your Christmas tree and also the goodies you received in the mail. We had a tradition of the kids being able to open one present Christmas eve - it was always from a friend of mine and it was a bag of potato chips. The kids knew what it was, but the fun was in guessing what 'kind' they would be.

  5. Marimekko designs are also some of my favorite graphics, they have been since I first saw them probably 35 years ago now...IKEA also has some similar designs, and they're a lot less expensive, so they can be a substitute on a tight budget. Your twig tree is fantastic, and I love checking out all of your projects. Thanks for sharing lots of pictures.

  6. The mailman has been nice to you... 8-)
    I see the twig tree is up again!!! Love it! 8-)

  7. Hi Dolores,

    How lovely that you received all these wonderful gifts.
    The twig tree is wonderful and like the idea of getting one present on Christmas Eve.


  8. I hope you and the family have had a lovely Christmas period Dolores. I was on Syko's blog the other day when I saw that gorgeous quilted tree with the lovely coloured leaves. Her work is amazing. The holiday cards are beautiful too. I know what you mean about never finding the right knife. We have a draw full of them and there is only one that I like but it looks like all the others.


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