Friday, December 31, 2010

Something forgotten

My daughter Maili had a birthday last month and I filled her little tool box with all sorts of sewing notions. I bought a set of scissors for her and I made her a scissor fob.

I was going to stitch it in red but then I asked her younger sister what Maili's favourite colour was. She said she didn't know but not red or pink. So, I made it in my favourite colour, blue.

Apologies to the designer, I have forgotten where the pattern came from but her initials happened to be SM. Maili's are MS so it was an easy switch to make. I like easy.

Why is it that we make for others but don't make for ourselves? I don't have a scissor fob nor do I have a biscornu. I must put them on the list for future projects. I also want to make a pincushion for Maili. Small projects but they do take time...


  1. Hi Dolores :-)
    Great idea.
    Nipping by to wish you a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR :-) XXX
    Have to go as I have to start knitting baby stuff :-) Blue or pink ? x x x OR BOTH ?
    could be twins :-)

  2. So true- I rarely make anything for myself and just use what's available. The fob is a great idea- well done beauty! I hope your new year is great- a lot can happen in a year- I say duck and cover...get out the fabric and scissors and just make make make.

  3. It's gorgeous! never heard of a scissor fob!!
    Happy New Year to you Dolores X

  4. Every now and again I think of making a scissor fob but I don't really need one! Happy New Year.

  5. I hear you when you say you'd like a biscournu - I've wanted a really nice chatelaine for awhile. Maybe someday! Have a happy new year!!

  6. Great little scissor fob!

    Happy New Year!

  7. Dolores that is really lovely! I know what you mean about the small projects though, they do take time. I think you need to make one for yourself!

  8. The scissors fob is great. Happy new year

  9. A wonderful gift for a crafty daughter!!! Now make yourself one!!! 8-)

  10. This is awesome! Great gift idea. Love your inchie too- just found ya today thru Every Inchie Mon...lots of wonderful stuff! more to see still...


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