Monday, December 6, 2010

Craft night again, mail and that white stuff...

With Christmas fast approaching we got out our supplies of nuts, walnut shells, felt, embroidery floss, batting, fabric and markers to make these little mice.

This is the only one that ended up with a teeny tiny pom pom nose.

Here we are, diligently working away.

Maili made twins - with reverse felt ears.

Just two of the many that got made that night.

And in keeping with the Christmas theme, we have snow - finally.

It is just a light dusting but it should keep up till at least tomorrow.

 Santa Claus popped in via the mailman all the way from New Brunswick. Isn't he just adorable and Linda also sent me the gorgeous green fat quarter that is acting as his backdrop. I love the dresden plate note card.

Here's a close-up. Santa is cross-stitched and beaded on perforated paper. I was the second winner of Linda's giveaway and I am so happy that I can add him to my Christmas tree this year. Many thanks, Linda.
Go visit Linda and take a look at all the wonderful things she is creating.


  1. Crafting night- what fun. Love that Prize Pin.And the snow- a Fairy Tale scene.
    We are sweltering away here in Adelaide!!

  2. Too much nattering (talking)... you will have to keep the mice quiet :-) x x x

  3. I love this's so cute.
    ciao ciao

  4. you got the santa quick!

    can't wait to see that backyard for real :) 10 days!!


  5. Cute wee mouses - must be so much fun having a crafting night.

  6. Thanks for your kind comments and links to my Blog. I'm sure Santa will be happy living at your house.!

  7. I still have one of these cute mice that Maili gave me, oh dear, I'd have to say about 15 years ago. I love putting it up on our tree every year. :)

  8. Those mice are really darling!! You are blessed to have family to craft with. Love your prize too - beautifully done!

    Enjoy your snow, we did have a dusting but it all blew away.

  9. Sounds like craft night was a heap of fun. Love the ornament you received. Happy creating.

  10. The wee mice are adorable!! So sweet!! You are making some wonderful memories of your Christmas Crafting Night!

  11. Your mousees are adorable Dolores! What a fun thing to make together. One of my children made and brought one home from school... many moons ago. 8-)
    A lovely Santa ornament you've received there! 8-)

  12. Crafting with friends... how wonderful! Those little mice look adorable!
    Thanks for stopping by... the piggys are doing great!!

  13. those little mice are a-dor-able!!!! and it must have been so much fun sitting around the table with your favorite crafters creating these!!! too cute! xox, :))

  14. Looks like you all had a fun night, and your giveaway prize is just lovely :)
    No snow here yet, but I heard it was in Toronto.

  15. The "meeces" are adorable. What a fun project.
    The santa gift - gorgeous.

  16. OH I have lots of catching up to do here .... fun craft night! From below .... love your napkin inspired quilt! and another fabulous Canadian photo!

  17. those mice are cute as anything i love them.
    The camera is a canon 550D SLR ... expensive but wow the pictures it takes that is in auto mode are well worth it , will be my last camera I buy I expect.
    Thanks for checking out my blog and keep watching for some great photos

  18. It looks like you had a wonderful day! And what a sweet Santa. Beauty!

  19. how come I've missed so many posts? .... what the? ... well... anyway... here I am backtracking...
    what fun you all had making these little mice. I love doing them and also the origami ornaments I do each year.... now, I just need some buddies to have fun with....


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