Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I have a love affair with tile. I love the colours, the repetition and the way it is used. These are photos taken from our trip to Southern California last February. I really didn't know how many photos of tiles I had until I went to compose this blog entry. I hope you enjoy viewing them.

There is a unification in a lot of the tile used at this residential complex. You can see it in the green and the rust coloured sort of star-shape above and in the floor tile below - same shapes.
 I have one of these red clay floor tiles. My daughter gifted me with one.


The tiles above have the same star shapes in the tile that I have mentioned.

The outer tiles of this fountain have the same star shape as mentioned above.
 The photos above were taken at a new housing complex in Irvine that my daughter's work was involved in landscaping.

 I'm pretty sure the photo above was taken at a train station close to San Clemente.

 The two photos above were taken at an old hotel/apartment building in Santa Monica called the Embassy Hotel Apartments. Click on the link to see more photos. There was a really old elevator that could fit four people at the most with a door that you had to close manually. We only took the elevator once since we really didn't trust it. We only stayed there one night (very pricey) and then went to Venice Beach and also to see the houses that are situated along the canals that give Venice Beach its name.
 This was at a restaurant in San Clemente. (Please ignore the date stamp - it is incorrect.)
A dry fountain just outside of the San Clemente Community Center which also housed the art gallery. Guess where I was heading.

A fountain at a shopping mall in Irvine.
Downtown San Clemente outside a Mexican restaurant (Del Agave) where we ate an authentic Mexican meal.
 This was taken in the washroom which was located just outside the restaurant
This last photo was taken in a walkway close to where the restaurant was. It may be hard to figure out but these were inset into the ceiling. In other words, I aimed the camera up to take this shot.

Some of these photos have been shown before on this blog but I thought it would not be a complete grouping without them. 

NOTE: Please ignore the dates on the photos. It was a new camera and when a new battery was installed, I didn't know that the date had to be shut off or re-set.


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  2. Loved the tour round your tile photo's Dolores. I can see quite a few quilt patterns in there too. That star shaped fountain base is amazing. Wouldn't that be great in a garden? I think the star is such a wonderful and recurring icon throughout the world.

  3. The first thing I thought of was quilt patterns, especially the first picture. Thank you Dolores...these were fun to see.

  4. Dolores, that was great fun - I saw quilts everywhere, lol! I too love tiles and mosaics. Have you ever been to Ami Simms website, she has pics of floors from all over the world, that would make good quilts.

  5. Hi Dolores,

    I loved seeing your post on tiles.
    As Cathy said, you can see a real similarity with the quilt designs.

    Happy weekend

  6. I like tiles, I really loved having a go at mosaic ages ago. Somehow I never got it "just" right.
    x x x

  7. I've never really paid attention to tiles before but after seeing your pictures, I will certainly be more aware of them! One doesn't realize all the various patterns you can make with them, just gorgeous!!! xoxo

  8. you've got a great collection of photos! i love all of those tile designs....and the colors are fabulous!! :))

  9. A person can get so much inspiration from looking at tiles .... beautiful photos!

  10. I know just what you mean! I've long had a fascination with tile! Daniel and I went to Puebla in Mexico a few years ago and were in tile heaven. I must have taken hundreds of photos... Your pictures are just wonderful!! Hugs, Silke

  11. I'm glad it's not only me who studies tiles. I have spent quite a few happy hours trying to figure out how to translate the floor tiles of our favourite hotel into a pieced quilt:-)


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