Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Although the tree got taken down last week, I took photos of some of the ornaments before they went out of sight for another year. Here is just a small sampling. 

Mini quilt rack given to me by a fellow quilter and the sewing machine ornament that I saw and just had to have. I love these.

The little mice that my children made. 

The teapot ornament that came from Ayla who is in London and just so she could spend Christmas in spirit with us, her glass ornament was hung.

My children travel a lot - I mean A LOT and the Alaskan moose came from Eric when he was working on a cruise line one year. The glass ornament is a native design that Laila bought when she was in Vancouver. The name of it is "Spring" and I also have "Salmon."

Each of the girls got her own "Skating Girl" one year and they always go up on the tree. 

     The porcelain globe with Santa in it is one of my favourites. It is hand crafted. Of course, the tree would not be complete without some hint of Canada's famous sport, hockey, and the favourite team here - the Maple Leafs.

The beaded ornaments below were made by Laila. I have two others that didn't show up well with my poor photography skills. I love these and wish she could find some time to do more beading. She used to make friendship bracelets out of embroidery floss when she was a teen.


  1. Wonderful ornaments Dolores! We've got a couple of those nutty mice too!
    Did you make the skating girls?

  2. Thank you for showing us these Dolores. I love ornaments and have to check out every tree I come across over Christmas . I love your little sewing machine one...really cute!

  3. Lovely! Tree ornaments are so special. Love the little mice!

  4. your ornies are wonderful....and i loved reading the stories that go along with them!! i must confess, though, that the little mice are my favorites!!! :)))

  5. Your ornaments are so beautiful! I love the little mice. And now I need a Red Wings ornament - I love your hockey ornament! The Maple Leafs are my second favorite team, after my Wings.
    Love the skating girls too!

  6. thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a comment. love love those xmas stockings. great job

  7. So many wonderful and different ornaments. I particularly love the moose, the skating girls the Santa and the beaded ornaments made by Laila :)
    Anne x

  8. Thanks for pointing out the sewing machines in Quilting in the Valleys. Its amazing how many people have picked up on the shop displays. I wonder where they got them from?
    I love your little sewing machine tree ornament too. I was looking at your banner picture and it makes me laugh at myself and my fellow Brits for getting so excited about our recent snowfall when you have it regularly and just take it in your stride.

  9. Hi Dolores,

    You have some beautiful ornaments and the ones you make yourself are so lovely.
    I adore the little mice your children made, how sweet.

    Happy New Year and may you have a wonderful 2010.


  10. I've got a few of those mini quilt holder ornaments. And I am crazy about those mice in a nut shell. Happy Last Night of Christmas, and on to the rest of the year!

  11. ..my...you've got some beauties there!....

    ...I'm always a little sad when the tree comes down...but then...it'll go back up and be special again next time!

  12. Love the skating girls best of all! Really sweet!

  13. Beautiful ornaments Dolores it seems a shame to pack them away !

  14. Happy New Year Dolores. Thank you for sharing those photos of some of your Christmas tree ornaments. I love the sewing machine ornament!


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