Monday, January 11, 2010

Crocheting with wool - again

This is what my daughter picked out from the Wool Mill which is a yarn store just around the corner. It is almost the same yarn I bought for her from Michael's when we were in California visiting her last February.

I made this for her then. The beret recently went missing and so, I had to make another one to take its place. Gorgeous wool to work with and it took me very little time to finish it.


  1. Oh I love alpaca!!! That beret is too darling. Good job!

  2. Beautiful beret Dolores, and your daughter must be happy to wear it to keep her warm.

    Happy week

  3. Another missing hat. If it isn't a hat it is a mitt or a scarf... lol! I wonder where they all go? 8-)
    How wonderful to be asked to make another for your daughter! She likes Mom's beret...

  4. Lovely beret Dolores. I bet it is beautifully soft to wear. How lucky your children are that you are so talented with needlework. I really enjoyed the ornament pictures too. That teapot is just too sweet.

  5. Oh MARVELOUS! I just learned how to crochet and I am SUCH a beginner, but I'm learning that I have a lot more freedom to make it up as a go along than I do when I knit. Your daughter is a lucky chicken!

    Thanks, by the way, for the really sweet comment at bigBANG about the painting. You're on to something about that painting...its simplicity and the economy of brushstrokes. Cheers!


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