Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wins and food

See, I CAN learn a new way of getting the photos on my blog. It took a while - because it did get frustrating but perseverence paid off.
See this gorgeous tie-dye fabric? I won it from Judi at http://approachable-art.blogspot.com/ Judi is a self-taught paper and textile artist located in Houston, TX and she is having a lot of fun dyeing her own fabric. I had forgotten the 'extras' she included and so it was quite a surprise when I opened the envelope and found not only the fabric (much prettier in person than the photo) but also the book she used it do the dyeing from and another envelope filled with her odds and ends of scraps. Way too much to take in all at once. I will be having fun with these. Go have a visit at Judi's blog and take a look at her studio and the other fabric she has dyed.
And Kim was getting rid of some of her books and patterns and was having a multi-giveaway. You could choose what group you wanted if your name was drawn and I chose the chickens. My eldest daughter now has a new home that came with chickens so I thought I could make something for her and her husband for Christmas.
OK, so what do you think? Soft taco shells? Wraps? My son thought so but then he looked again.It's those circles I cut from behind the bull's eye blocks. 20 of them. I have a plan but I'm not ready to share yet.
And here's a gratuitous shot of some food. We now have a bread machine and my daughter and her boyfriend have been using it to make not just bread but pizza dough. Both of these are totally vegetarian pizzas.


  1. Hi Dolores,

    You are lucky with your wins! - well done.
    I thought they looked like soft tacos but, they would not be very nice to eat.
    Your pizzas look tasty.
    Bread makers are good aren't they.


  2. Lucky you. the veggie pizza's look REALLY GOOD too.

  3. Woohoo! Congratulations on winning those two giveaways!! Can I rub your arm for good luck? lol

    Wow, I thought they were taco soft shells as well! I can see why your son thought they were!

    Oh yummmm, those veggie pizzas look so delish. I have a bread maker as well and just love it, not just to make bread:-) xoxo

  4. Wow what wonderful wins!!! That pizza dough looks wonderful....now I'm hungry, lol!

  5. SO...did you eat them?
    I now see from your picture you have absolutely no worries on that score.

  6. Wonderful winnings and surprize there Delores!!! 8-)
    Great roaster/chicken patterns!
    Those do look like wraps on the table! lol!
    Pizza looks great! Does your daughter cook for others!?! 8-)


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