Wednesday, August 5, 2009

How to make the perfect soft-boiled egg

I don't know about you but for years I have eaten nothing but hard boiled eggs. Why? Not because I preferred them but because I could never make a really good soft-boiled egg. Finally, a couple of months ago I decided I would see what my cookbook said about boiled eggs. The Better Homes and Garden cookbook stated that a soft-boiled egg was a three-minute egg. I figured I had nothing to lose except an egg or two so I followed the instructions. Beware, that in order to be successful, you should stay in the kitchen for most, if not all of the time it takes to do this. (BTW, here's my disclaimer: I never claimed that this blog would only be about sewing or quilting.)
In a pot of cold water, place your eggs and turn on the burner. Not all of these are going to be soft-boiled since they don't go well in salads. I usually cook more than I am prepared to eat right away.
Take note of the time when the water starts to boil.
Let the water boil for 3 minutes - or four if you are uncertain and don't feel you want a really runny egg. Sometimes this takes a few tries. Do not leave the kitchen! Come on, 3 minutes without tv watching or yacking on the phone won't kill you.
Get a cup and fill it with cold water. Get a spoon too so you can scoop out your egg.

When your 3 minutes are up, scoop out the egg and place it into the cup with the water.
Don't over-fill the water or you may have to clean up the mess.
See? Egg in water.
Put it under more cold water. Eggs tend to hold the heat. My dad used to do this all the time - just let the water flow. After about a minute or less stop the water or if you are an environmental person who wants to leave something for their children, just keep changing the warm water with cold water (if you live in California use less water.)
Crack your egg open and eat. See? A perfect soft-boiled egg. I like salt on mine. I know I eat too much salt but I can't help it. Food is bland without salt. I guess I should have done the photo presentation better - like putting it into an egg cup. Oh well, I wanted to eat it right away and not use a spoon.
The other eggs stayed boiling for another 8 minutes or more - thus making them hard-boiled and good in salads or for egg salad sandwiches or just to eat as is.

I wonder if this counts as my first ever tutorial?


  1. Hi Dolores,

    There is a real knack of boiling and egg and they do have to be just right for eating not too hard and not too runny.
    Yours looks perfect and thanks for the tutorial.
    I would add a couple of grinds of black pepper and add toast soldiers
    to dip in the egg.


  2. I can't seem to do ANY eggs right. If I hard-boil them, the shell sticks to the egg and I lose half when peeling. My favorite is just fried. I think this does count as your first tutorial, and a good one at that!

  3. Well I think you did very well for your first tutorial! lol I love soft boiled eggs and I've always only boiled them for 3 minutes so I guess I must have read the same instructions you did:-) I then drain the water and add cold water and then peel the eggs under cold running water. Now I'm hungry for some!!! xoxo

  4. great job on your first tutorial!! and that definitely looks like the perfect soft-boiled egg! :)

  5. Yup! I'd consider this your first tutorial! Good for you! lol! 8-)

    Lots of aprons surfacing your way... 8-)

    Darling paper-pieced seal pup D!

  6. My son showed me the most perfect way to get a "soft boiled" egg. You start with cold water &egg(s). Have it come to a boil and then shut it off, cover it and set the timer for 5 minutes. For hard boiled set timer for 15 minutes.
    Roseanna Oliver

  7. Ok, this is going to sound weird to you but eggs just turn my stomach and i have not eaten one since I gave birth to my daughter 25 years ago. It must be a pregnancy thing because I ate soft boiled eggs almost every morning when I was pregnant. I loved them all my life, and like Carolyn said, some toast soldiers for dipping :)

  8. Hi Dolores. A successful soft boiled egg. Congratulations. It is no easy feat. I always use an egg timer which is pretty accurate. You cannot beat a soft boiled egg with toast soldiers for tea. It is making me hungry talking about eggs. Off to get a nibble of something now...ha ha.

    Good luck with all your needleworky things this week. Look forward to seeing the photos.

  9. Soft boiled eggs chopped up with buttered toast (yes, chopped toast too) all mixed in a bowl with a bit of salt. My number one comfort food. It looks a bit disgusting (according to DH). I use the same cookbook too! :-)

  10. Dolores!

    When I first saw this post I thought I went to the wrong blog!

    I love the story you managed to tell in this one, all the while teaching us something new! It brought a smile to my face.

    I have such a craving now for eggs!!

    Hope to see more posts like this!


  11. oh yum - now I am hungry! I love soft boiled eggs!


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