Monday, May 29, 2023

UFOs done


This quilt was a pattern in a McCall's magazine sometime in the 1980s. It was a top for decades that was sandwiched and basted. I did start to hand quilt it in the middle but that was it. I wasn't sure how I wanted it quilted and so it sat, waiting. I think it was a case of not coming with a good idea as to how to quilt it and also what colours to quilt it in. Finally, in 2017, I put it in my frame and quilted it. And then it sat - again. There is a quilt show coming up in September with one of my quilt guilds and so I decided that once and for all, it will be finished. I self bound it and it was completed yesterday. All it needs now is a hanging sleeve and a label. I still love it and it will hang in my hall soon.

This shows how I finally decided to quilt it.

I took these photos off my blog - March 2017.

Here's the other UFO that I'm working on. It's a 3D bowtie quilt. All of the bowties are made with floral fabrics and they are all different. I am having a longarm quilter do the quilting on it. Once it's finished, I shall take another photo showing the quilting. It has no border.

I'm currently working on testing a paper pieced pattern and putting together a Minecraft quilt for one of my granddaughters.


  1. Your quilt is spectacular, great choices for the fabrics, and wonderful quilting.Now you can get to have it on display every day.

  2. I love the colours in the McCall's quilt! Must be something in the air over finishing UFO's because I've finished two over the past while as well.


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