Friday, January 28, 2022

Crafty little people

I am fortunate that seven of my grandchildren live within walking distance of me and as a result, five of them attend the same school that my own children went to. Each day I pick up two of my grandchildren from school. Just before Christmas, my four year old granddaughter, Esme, was quite adamant that she was going to show me how to make a snowflake. She had learned how in kindergarten. Well, first of all, she took an 8.5" by 11" piece of paper and folded down one corner to make a triangle and then she cut off the extra so that the piece that was left was a square. Then she showed me how to fold it and cut it. I was impressed with her explanations and directions. It was all very serious business. Here is my product.

Around this same time, one of my seven year old twin granddaughters, Severn, came for a visit with her sisters and brought along a kit that she had made up. We were to make a craft together.
She had everything prepared - I was really quite impressed. We worked together because she had made a kit for herself too and so she showed me the steps.

This is Severn's picture. (sorry for the blurriness but if you click on the photo, you can see the details)

Once again, click on the photo to see the details. This is my craft project. We started out with a green crayon and made three curved lines on the sides - two on one side (sorry, but the lines don't show up well on the black paper.) Then, we added smaller lines to make them look like pine needles. This was all done without me knowing what the end product would look like. The three white balls were to be coloured, and glued under the green curved lines, the snowman could be given arms, a face and clothing and the Christmas tree was glued and decorated any way I wanted. The paper and crayons were all supplied by Severn and the only thing I supplied was the glue. It was fun. I am looking forward to her coming up with more craft ideas and kits.

I must say, my grandchildren are starting out to be lovely crafty little people.


  1. Next up will be Easter I guess, those designs are a real treat when the grandies share with you, specially when they bring all the goodies. 4 years old, I am sure I had no idea how to make a snowflake then, but could feed the chooks, collect the eggs, and maybe check to see if a calf was feeding in teh trough OK.On second thoughts, I would have been older than 4 !!!

  2. What a lovely Mystery Cut and Glue Along! The same snow flakes are cut here too, and snowmen always require a black or dark blue background. Be prepared to make autumn trees with colorful leaves cut from magazines. Soon you could start teaching the little ones to crochet and to knit!


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