Monday, March 30, 2020


I have made a lot of things in my life. I sew, knit, embroider and crochet. There are a lot of things I have made that I have forgotten about and so it's always nice to come across something years later and "rediscover" that item.

I am currently in England visiting my youngest daughter Ayla and her family. Every once in a while I need a needle and thread and this little needle case comes out. I made it several years ago (probably when everyone else was making needle cases on their blogs) and since she didn't have one, I gave it to her.

I had forgotten about it. It is made of scraps and is a handy little thing.

The felt pieces hold needles and pins.

The little pockets hold whatever one wants. I think there are buttons, a box of pins, more new needles and a seam ripper. 
You never know how handy these are until you need one. Little 2 year old Atticus had a hole in his brand new sock and so I took this out and found what I needed and then mended the sock. It won't get any bigger with little fingers going into it.

Stay safe and remain healthy. Over here people are definitely taking things seriously and they keep their distance from you when going for a walk. Staying safe when no one really knows much about this virus is the smart thing to do.


  1. That's a very sweet needle case!

  2. Hope all is well over there, will you be away from home for a lot longer? Needle cases, my oldest was made by a daughter when they were quite young, when real felt was used, not the man made fabric we have these days.

  3. Needle cases are something I never made for myself but for others, and I have several in use that were made for me by friends. Handy little things!

  4. We all deserve a pretty needle case or a nice pincushion to hold those things that are so necessary to our existence as stitchers. Take care.


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