Thursday, March 26, 2020

Little things

I belong to a couple of facebook groups and one of them is knitting in Canada. A while ago there was a post about a hospital in Alberta (I live in Ontario) that wanted baby hats. There was a call out to knitters and there were specific guidelines. I think the number of hats wanted was 400. The yarn that they wanted the hats made from was one I had never used before - Bernat's Softee Baby in colours of Antique White, Gray Marl,  Gray, Mint and Lemon. There was also a pattern given. One ball of yarn made 6-7 hats. The request was mainly for knitters in the Alberta area but I was sure they would accept hats from anywhere provided the specifics were met. 
Well, off I went to purchase the yarn. I ended up making 10 hats and sent them on their way. There was a deadline but that was April and I wanted to finish them quickly. They didn't take long to make - an evening while watching a bit of TV. I enjoyed making them and I was glad that my efforts were appreciated. I do hope they met - or exceeded - their goal.

This is just one of the Gray Marl hats that I made. They aren't very big and the yarn was very soft.

I am now in England for an extended period of time. My youngest daughter, Ayla, gave birth to twin boys on March 13th and I came over to help her out. We are all in self isolation and thankfully, there is a park nearby.

Keep well and I hope this time passes quickly. I have supplies for knitting, sewing and reading so I shall keep busy.


  1. Congratulations to everyone! Grandchild twins again, what a coincidence. I hope everyone is fine.
    The baby hat challenge will surely reach the goal and more. That pattern looks easy enough for even less experienced knitters, and I'm sure everyone wants to use the whole ball of yarn for the good cause.
    Take care, stay safe.

  2. All well, those are the magical words we all want when new babies arrive. Many wonderful wishes to you all. Dolores, you might be there for an even longer time, depending on flights allowed. I hope you have some knitting on hand, baby hats are so easy to knit, many years ago when I was recovering from spinal surgery and not sleeping at night, I made prem bootees galore, they were fast, and so appreciated. Take care, stay well, and enjoy the family time together, us Grandparents are so treasured at times like these. Phone calls, Facetime or other, txtx, our family stays in touch.

  3. How precious Dolores. Congratulations to Ayla on the birth of her twins - that's wonderful news! But oh this virus is not...please be safe, enjoy the park and of course those new babies. I'm thinking it's a real blessing you're there to help her out!!!!!

  4. Twin boys - how wonderful! Congratulations to everyone. Stay safe, stay well - to you all.


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