Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Shhh, A Quiet Book

My middle daughter Maili, has two little children and the whole family were off to visit the other set of grandparents in California. Taking a five hour airplane ride could very well be quite boring for the little ones and stressful for the parents. I made one of the I-Spy roll-ups for them to take but my daughter really wanted a quiet book. She knew I had a lot of other things to sew and so she wasn't really expecting anything. The night before they left, after the little ones were in bed, I surprised them with both the roll-up and a felt book that I had just finished.

Creating can be very messy. This is the kitchen table with all of my felt all over the place.

One of the first pages I made was a monster with a zipper mouth and five cookies. I figured that the 'chocolate chips' could help with counting.

This weaving page was fun and not hard to put together at all.

This was the very first page I made. The apples are snapped off and on and hidden or gathered into the basket. It's a combination of different ideas that I got off the internet.

My daughter really liked the bead page. My other granddaughters counted the beads and exclaimed that it was a rainbow.

I decided that the peek-a-boo teddy bear would be the cover.

I was going to make a lion or some other animal but in the end, I settled on the little bear.

Shape matching page. There is a reason why they all have holes.

This is the lacing page. The big triangle was made to hold all the shapes from the facing page. The holes in the shapes were put there so they could be used on the lacing page too.

This was the very last page I made and it was fun. There are different shoes out there to look at and then of course, you have to figure out how to put it all together.

Here it is all put together. This is the cover.

The next two pages.

The middle pages. I just zigzagged them altogether.

The next two pages.

And, the last page.

Here's little Esme and her daddy. She's the one who liked the quiet book.

Her brother, little Teemu who watched cartoons instead.

The quiet book was fun to do. My eldest daughter said she could have used one for her boys while travelling back and forth across the country. They are now almost 6 and 8 so I wonder if one would hold their attention for long.


  1. That is a truly awesome, creative book! BRavo!

  2. I don't know who has more fun with quiet books - the wee person or the person making them. You've reminded me that I really need to get busy making some felt food for little Theo to play with.

  3. Sorry. I didn't have my glasses on. I meant to say, very cute!

  4. A lot of thought into every page, and they could go back again and again. Colourful, entertaining and educating are a great grandie? I am called Nanny, not sure what your title is? But at 21 plus, I really think grandson down here need to use either Nan or Jean now.

  5. Great ideas and you put them together in a clever way. Some pages are more demanding, like the shoelaces, so they will keep the children interested for a long time.

  6. This is just super! How bright an colourful! My little one would have loved something like this - she probably still would, even though she's big now!


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