Thursday, March 14, 2019

More multiple sewing and knitting

It turns out that my two eldest grandsons (aged 5 and 7 but soon to be 6 and 8) are almost the same size. In weight and clothing if not in height. I had made some fleece vests earlier for them but they have outgrown them.

These are their new ones.

Pockets. That's what Patric likes.

This is the lining. It's flannel and those creatures are spiders. 

Both sides of the lining also have pockets - in both vests.

I also knitted them some new hats out of Paton's Decor.

Since Patric already had a ribbed hat in his chosen black and gray yarn, I made his brother Luc a hat out of his chosen colour too. He also requested hand warmers. So now they will both have two hats to choose from.

And lastly, I knitted two baby hats for my youngest daughter's friend who is due April 1st. the one on the right is now finished but I forgot to take a photo.

I think that's it for a while. Maybe I can get in some quilting.


  1. lovely vests and the right side hat, what lovely yarn. Always good to be able to sew and knit for grandies.

  2. Children grow so fast that they can have grown out of a cardigan before I could finish it. Therefore it is wiser to knit little items only, and sew big ones like those great vests.

  3. Your grandchildren are SO blessed!!

  4. You have the best-dressed grandsons!! I'm working on a knitted sweater that was supposed to be for our youngest but it's turning out rather large so I think it might fit the older one!


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