Saturday, January 14, 2017

The final step

In February we will be given instructions on how to put all the blocks together. This is the mystery quilt that I've been working on called Meadow Mystery.

I completed eight of these block #5.

All sewn up and ironed.

Earlier this month I finished four of these #2 blocks.

Between now and February I shouldn't lose any of the parts since they are all in this bin safe and sound.


  1. Lovely fabric there, going so well together but great contrast. This will be very interesting when you get the final instructions, or is that your own choice?

  2. The first block is reminiscent of a light/dark log cabin design, with a few twists. This quilt will be lovely. Aren't mysteries fun?!

  3. Very nice blocks and pretty fabric. I love small flower prints. I've been making blocks for a Pat Sloan qal but only post them on facebook for now. There are some nice qal's right now, even for someone like me who likes traditional blocks.

  4. The blocks are nice and clear. I hope to see the finished top soon.


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