Sunday, January 8, 2017

Old not vintage baby quilts

I have no idea what people these days are calling vintage. How old is vintage?

This quilt was made about 1984 or so for Eric, my second son.

The fabrics were mainly 100% cotton and haven't fared too well.

This is the back.

A little donkey close-up.

I made this for Ayla- obviously, a little girly quilt.

A simple easy design and most of the fabrics in the top are cotton polyester.

The details are all in the quilting - like this happy bunny.

Another bunny.

A little kitty.

Lots and lots of hearts.

The backing, 100% cotton, has worn away.

Even the fabric around the label is gone. The poly-cotton has remained fairly intact.

I need to make two baby quilts by May. I shall be a grandmother again. No twins this time around but there are two arrivals expected. One in the beginning of the month and one at the end.


  1. What joy, new arrivals to come.Love those older quilts, what treasures.

  2. Two well-used and much-loved quilts. Congratulations! Soon there will be two more in your future.

  3. LoVe the little donkey backing of the charished quilts!
    So, how many times will that make you grandmother, after the next two babies are born. Congratulations!

  4. Lovely little quilts. They must have been used and loved a lot. The donkey fabric is sweet, looks the vintage, almost antique fabrics from my childhood.


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