Wednesday, December 21, 2016


We got the tree up and it's been decorated.

This snow lady goes up every year. It was my first applique piece in the class I took in quilting. She's not quilted, though. Her pocket always has to have at least one mini candy cane.

Last Friday my kitchen tree looked like this. I just wanted a lot of lights on it. This year I didn't put any bulbs on. My husband wrapped the little lights around it since I didn't have the time or the patience.

I have a built-in desk in the kitchen and it gets decorated every year.

This is the other half of the desk. I may have added a few more items since I took this photo.

The quilt is back up in the hall.

I have two of these door jingles and I put them there for the little ones. I don't mind if they take them off and play with them.

My plain wreath got wrapped in some red mesh this year. I have my daughter's wreath to do now. she liked mine so much and I had mesh left over so she gave me her wreath. It doesn't take long to do.

Even my Christmas kitchen curtains got hung.

Last week I managed to make 4 loaves of pulla and some apple muffins. All were given away to family. While baking I listened to Christmas music. My all time favourite is the Dolly Parton/Kenny Rogers Christmas CD. I did have the tape and the vinyl of the same but the CD is easier to pop on. Another favourite is Alan Jackson's Christmas CD with the tune "Please, daddy (don't get drunk this Christmas.)" I'm still waiting to hear "Grandma got run over by a reindeer (while walking home from our house Christmas Eve)" on the radio. We have one station that plays nothing but Christmas tunes at this time of year.

I'm off to get more cookie baking done now.
I do hope none of you are stressing out over getting things done. Be kind to yourself and prioritize. If it doesn't get done before Christmas, it can get done after. 


  1. Your quilt on the wall, truly beautiful. No fussing down here, doctors appointments every 2 days at the moment. His words " This is not a good time of the year to be ill". The next lot of red batiks, I dithered and drooled, but contained myself, and limited them to 2 metres of almost the same background one, and I metre of a stunning purply/red, and half metres of other reds. Really I should save them till 25th.I wonder how many of us are not Canadians in the 150 block quilt along?

  2. So nice to see your Christmas decorations and to hear your favourite music selections too. I have the Dolly/Kenny CD and love 'Once Upon A Christmas'. My absolute favourite though has to be Faith Hill's 'A Baby Changes Everything' - makes me cry every single time I hear it.

  3. Looks like you have things well in hand Dolores. We just got our tree up today, and I've just finished decorating it. Kenny and Dolly's CD is one of my most favourites too and it's always the first one I play each year. I just heard Grandmas sad story on the radio a few days ago! Such a cute song! Hope you have a very merry Christmas. Enjoy the family!

  4. That "pulla" looks wonderful! I haven't made it in years since going off wheat but I can still taste it in my imagination. Wishing you and your family a lovely
    Christmas. Hauskaa Joulua!

  5. Beautiful decorations in your house, and I'm sure it smells good too?


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