Friday, December 16, 2016

Busy, busy...

I'm sure just about everyone is busy preparing for the holiday season. I've been quiet on the blog but busy creating. I have a list and am crossing things off as I go. Not everything on the list involves sewing or quilting.

I have decided to join in on the 150 Canadian Women sew/quilt along. This is the first block and that's how far along I am. I am not a red person but as I go along, I am finding reds to add to the stash for completing these blocks. I'm not keen on 6.5" blocks but since next year is Canada's 150th birthday, I thought I should do something to commemorate it. The stories about the Canadian women that go with these blocks are very interesting. Let me know if you want to join in and I'll send you the link (it's free) or just search the internet for 150 Canadian Women and you will find all the information you need.

The twins are growing so quickly and they needed longer sleep sacks.

 The cat fabric on the right is directional and since I didn't have enough fabric to make both the back and the front go the correct way, I decided that the front could seem like it's upside down but when the little one wears it, it will be the right way for her.

Here's the knitting I am currently working on when not sewing. I have never made anything with circular needles before and so this is a first. They are gifts so I can't say what they are. In order to mark the beginning of my rows, I used an elastic band. I started it at my daughter's house and needed something so - "necessity is the mother of invention." It works and that's all I care about - and besides, it was free.

Just a snippet of the Frozen fabric I purchased at Value Village. There's just over a metre there. It sparkles. I don't know what on earth I will do with it but since the little girls have a book on Olaf, Anna and Elsa, I thought I could use it in the future for something.

I've got to go now and sew up a little gift while this little guy is napping.

Teemu was intrigued with a musical rocking Santa.

He's a very musical little guy. He loves spatulas because he plays air guitar with them. His mom video taped him playing the harmonica earlier this fall while walking along on the street and just recently, she taped him plunking away on a big piano. He may end up as a musician...


  1. Dolores, I joined the group too, but too late to get the first 5 block patterns. Would you please be able to email them to me sometime, there is no hurry for that at all. Love your new header photo, a dream it seems to me.And I am guessing this is a very recent photo!!! Sleep sacks are great, and when our grandson was small, he had a wind up that sang " Old McDonald and his farm", he loved it.

  2. I like your header photo as well. Love the colours of yarn you're using. Teemu is adorable:)

  3. You are busy, Dolores! Adorable musician in the making. I hope you show the knitted in the round items when you can. It's one of my favorite things to do, but I use sets of double pointed needles, not cables. Which are you using. Love your yarn choices.

  4. Merry Christmas! If I can't find one of my bazillion stitch markers, I'll often use a paperclip to mark my rounds when I'm knitting on circular needls...not as "grabby" as an elastic band. :)

  5. For our 100th anniversary next year I have joined a blue and white knitting project, in the round. I sometimes use the little plastic rings that come in different colours to mark the brushes of our electric toothbrush, to mark the row change. -Teemu looks very concentrated in his music!

  6. Your Canadian block looks great. Time to send you block 2 and 3. Such concentration! Teemu is so cute,

  7. Great to see what you've been working on. Definitely encourage the little ones in their musical exploration. What a cute little guy!


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