Friday, February 12, 2016

A Thank You Letter

This post could also have been titled "Why we quilt or Why we give our quilts away."

I made this quilt last summer during the Row by Row Experience. I went to many, many quilt shops all over southern Ontario during several weekends - thanks to my husband who did the driving. On the Row by Row Facebook page I noticed that people were completing their quilts super quick and bringing them in to win fat quarters and other prizes that the shops were giving away for being the first one finished. I was determined to be one of those winners - but by hand quilting my quilt. This was the result.

Here it is being put together.

And here it is on the frame being quilted.
In the first photo, the bottom row shows two loons with a baby loon on the mother's back. My eldest daughter, Laila, loves loons. In the bottom photo you can see Sunbonnet Sue and Fisherman Fred (or Sam) and again, I added this row because my eldest daughter likes Sunbonnet Sue. Laila has two little boys and I wanted to make this a fun quilt for them. All the applique is fused on and top stitched by machine. I didn't needleturn anything because time was of the essence. I still have many row patterns and am planning on making another quilt.

During the summer, there is an open air quilt show at Pioneer Village called Quilts at the Creek. I have put in at least one quilt each year and this year's theme is blue. Since this quilt was already finished, I thought I would just keep it in the cupboard until then and after it was shown, my daughter could have it. Well, Laila and the boys were here for our second Christmas in January and since she had the room in her luggage to take the quilt, I gave it to her.

All this preamble is to lead up to this very nice thank you email I received from her.

Hi Mom, 
I wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying the water themed quilt
it's a nice size for use. 
It's in the living room and being used as a throw (even though we have 
piles of blankets.) 
It's just nice to look at the different blocks and fabrics. 
And I like the row row row panel - as it's a theme song with us. 
It's still stiff -so the more we use it - the more it will loosen up 
and be a comfy blanket. Right now it is positioned as the roof of a fort.
Thank you for letting me have it - just wanted to let you know it's 
being used rather than just stored in a closet 
as it is a work of art - 
but this art is going to be functional.


  1. so lovely to get thanks in a letter, and to know it is loved, and being used. Lovely design, and so personal, nothing better than made by you with love.

  2. Ahhh how sweet is this! You done good, mama!

  3. Mission accomplished, it is being loved and used! Great job of combining all the rows.

  4. What a wonderful home for your quilt. She loves it! I too collected row kits all over the place last summer. They are all in a box in my closet. Guess I should get at it!

  5. How nice! Your quilt is being loved and that is all we want.

  6. Hello Dolores,

    You know your quilt is being loved when it is being used as a fort. It is a lovely quilt, you must be proud.

    Happy days.

  7. Hello Dolores,

    How lovely the quilt is and I know your daughter and family must be happy to have it. Makes all your hard work and long hours you put in, all worth while.
    Happy weekend

  8. That is the best thanks you could have for your quilt, worth any ribbon in a show!

  9. Now THAT is the highest tribute of all - wonderful!!!

  10. That is what we like to hear that our quilts are being used and enjoyed and your quilt is a work of art , great job !

  11. What a sweet letter of thanks. All we want is for our quilts to be loved and appreciated... and I'd say you've won on both counts! :)

  12. So nice to get a note of thanks - so often that is overlooked with the younger generation. And so nice to know that your quilt is actually being used and enjoyed.


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