Friday, November 27, 2015


Here's little Teemu a couple of days ago, just over 6 months old now, at the Vancouver airport with all his stuff spread out just waiting for his connection. He and his mom are visiting his Auntie Laila, Uncle Gilles and cousins Luc and Patric.
They will be gone for a couple of weeks. He's wearing his brand new leg warmers. I hope they keep him warm because I was told it was -17C today, where they are. 

We have a windy rainy day but much milder. It's dark inside and outside.
Have a  great weekend and stay safe.


  1. Hello Dolores,

    Gosh he looks so grown up there. I wouldn't like to live where it was minus 17. Have a lovely weekend and stay warm.

    Happy days.

  2. 6 months, flash leg warmers, and already a seasoned traveller.

  3. He's adorable, Dolores! Great leg warmers.

  4. That was my Mr. BV last night at the Calgary airport... not quite as much stuff...but,, waiting for a plane to take him to Prince George...where it is minus numbers too. HIs brother laughed at his winter gear when he arrived...wondering if he thought he was going to the North Pole. Dress for the weather I always say...and, at least we rarely get colds and flu.... his brother always has one.

  5. forgot to mention is sunny and plus numbers here this week.... +7 today.... but, of course, we know "it" is coming ....


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