Thursday, November 12, 2015

Quilt show - Part 3

Here's the last of the quilt show photos.

It's nice to see that big quilts are still being made.

It was also nice to see an oldie pattern.


 The one on the left.
The quilt on the right.

I like this. It's quite refreshing.

Another sampler quilt.

I really liked the one on the bottom but since they were both circular, I photographed them both.

The bottom.

The top.

I love the movement in this - and the colours.

Gray is such a nice neutral.

Another big star quilt.

This is the last one.
There were shiny bits in the fabric. 

I hope you all enjoyed the show and got inspiration from at least one quilt that you saw.



  1. Thanks for taking me to the Twisted Stitchers' quilt show. I enjoyed every minute of it. I got lots of inspiration. Sometimes I think I get too much of it. Must get some of my UFOs finished first.

  2. Beautiful quilts all...I like the Curves--and the circles best...but they are all lovely thanks for giving us a peek into the show....hugs, Julierose

  3. Thanks for sharing Dolores. Beautiful quilts!

  4. Hi Dolores
    What a beautiful collection of quilts....

  5. I wanted to say more but my iPad wouldn't let me...grrrr
    I found the pictures of the quilts very inspirational....I am working on a couple right now myself.
    I have found it hard this year to do much..a bout of depression due to the loss of my husband, but I keep trying to get with it!...easier said than done but I do have lots of dear friends that helps.
    I will try to do some posting on my blog this year...I have been beading as well as quilting'
    Glad to see you are still as creative as ever....

  6. Fall By The River is absolutely fabulous! So many wonderfully talented quilters out there in the universe!

  7. I really like the Mariner's Compass circle - that must look so impressive hanging on a wall.

  8. I just love it when you go to a quilt show, lol, you take great pics and always get the information. I learned that from you, thank you! Great quilts, thanks for taking us along!

  9. Awesome creations! Looks like it was an awesome quilt show! Thanks for sharing Dolores!


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