Monday, June 29, 2015

Random sewing

I made a few more baby things 'cause Maili wanted more burp cloths and more flannel blankets.

The zig zag flannel blanket is soooo soft. 

I added a couple of soother cords too for my little grandson. Those clips, known as suspender clips, were so hard to find. I finally got a package at Len's Mills. I used a little piece of thin elastic on the end to attach the soother. I had read that sometimes, ribbon has a tendency to fray over time and use. I just thought it made life easier to use a little bit of elastic.

Proof that what I make gets used. Other than his hat and sleeper, I made the rainbow blanket, the flannel blanket he's on, there is a burp cloth on the left and his soother strap is across his body.

Here's the little sweatshirt I made him too - still a tad too big.


  1. Adorable little grandson and such lovely treats you have made for him!

  2. Lovely wee boy, and the best of all in "handmade by Gran".

  3. He actually looks like a doll when he's asleep; he's a perfect model.

  4. Hello Dolores,

    Lovingly dressed by you. It is funny how some things are hard to find, you will probably start seeing more of the clips when out shopping now. Have a great day.


  5. He is just a gorgeous baby - and so sweetly covered by Grandma's love!

  6. Your grandchildren are cuddled in your love!


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