Friday, June 19, 2015

Announcement - Free course

Hi there. I don't know how many of you are interested in learning something new but I am. Last year I took Kathy Shaw's FREE Basic Crazy Quilt Course (the piece I created is on the right) and then earlier this year I took one of her intermediate courses - Intermediate Crazy Quilt Course (ICQC)101 Designing and Piecing Crazy Quilt Blocks. Now, Kathy is offering a course on silk ribbon embroidered flowers. There was a bit of silk ribbon work in the Basic course and I really, really liked it. This course being offered now expands on different flowers.

All of Kathy's courses are free but you have to start at the beginning and complete the Basic Crazy Quilt Course before you can continue on with her other courses. She is a wonderful, generous, giving teacher and has a lot of handouts. She even gives you gentle nudges to move on if she finds that you are stuck. The only thing required of you as a student is to make something (with your stash) and to supply your own tools and materials. She instructs and you do the work. Go HERE and check it out. Registration for this course closes soon. If you are at all interested in her Basic course, then follow her blog or drop her an email letting her know that you are interested and she will gladly let you know when the next one will begin.


  1. Thanks for letting us know! Signed in and ready to go when Kathy sends out the handouts tomorrow (o:

  2. How lovely - someday I may learn to do that - just no time lately!

  3. Wow! Lots of wonderful stitching gone into that! Lovely!


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