Tuesday, May 5, 2015

On to part two

There were a lot of large quilts at the show and lots of fairly good lighting to take photos.

These nine patches were one and a half inches square. Each piece was a half inch.

See? Those little nine patches were really small.

 This quilt is a case where the quilter let the fabric do the work.

Thought you'd like to see the middle.

The fabric did all the work.

Great colours.

The blurb for this made me smile.

I know flannel and would never have attempted this.

Does anyone have scraps?

I love patterns by Barbara Lavalee. They are colourful and fun.

Another fun quilt by Harebrained Happenings.

Gorgeous, muted fabrics.

Kind of looks complicated.

But it's  not. It's just strips of fabric.

The fabric did all the work.

Fabric working again.

I leave you with this beauty.

I love looking at quilts that have little surprises.


Not a bad effort for her first applique.

I have a few more photos.
Hopefully, I'll get some time to post them tomorrow.


  1. What a great variety of quilts. Rib-bon Weave is particularly interesting! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I agree. Rib-bon Weave was well done.

  3. I like many of them. The simpler ones are the most impressive to me.

  4. Beautiful quilts! It's good you showed the third picture to the first quilt. Then you can actually see how small the squares are. First didn't realise it was the same quilt!

  5. First applique???? Picking my jaw up off the floor - wow. I adore that Alaskan quilt!

  6. Doggy Daycare made me smile! And all those teeny little nine patch pieces?....wow.


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