Thursday, May 14, 2015

A new addition to the family!

No, not Tie Breaker (aka known as grandchild number five.) My friend V over at The "Bearister" Bookcase has been a bit busy of late, making Dotee Dolls. She made thirteen and has been gifting them away. I just happened to be the delighted recipient of one and she arrived safe and sound all across the country.

It looks like she's just a tad tired still after her long trip.

She does look a bit Asian in her pink outfit. The odd thing is that I just finished listening to a book on tape - The Shanghai Girls. Hmmmm - eerie.  I thought I'd name her - Cherry - short for Cherry Blossom.

Anyway, she is not alone. Her long lost cousin is here - she too is tired. Must have been all that excitement of finding a long lost relative.

Then there's the old witch but she's really quite benign. She makes sure that no evil befalls her friends.

Aren't they a happy pair?

Here's Ron Slippers with his teeny tiny friend (another gift from V.)

And here's the family - all together. Cherry fits right in - doesn't she?


  1. hahahha... oh, don't the two of them look almost smug or something? ... Don't trust 'em Dolores.... they will be nothing but trouble, I can tell...... and, hey...I'd forgotten all about the little bear ... you're getting a collection. I don't dare show you my curio cabinet full of little critters and things..... I even had to buy a new one and moved the old one into my hobby room.... mostly cuz it no longer fits with the new furniture ...but, also I couldn't get rid of it because I have to have some place to put all the guys and gals... boy, I'm weird.... oh, well, I'm still having fun ...

  2. Oh Dolores they're all so sweet!!! What lovely gifts!

  3. It's surprising how these families grow. It's hard to resist new members though, isn't it?

  4. Such a cute lot. I think Cherry's smile has become bigger on the last picture (-:

  5. Lucky us, because I have Roxy living with me too! She oversees every stitch I take in my sewing room.


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