Sunday, November 2, 2014

Hallowe'en tails

Just a short post to show you all the cute dinosaurs with their tails.

Little Luc all ready for trick or treating...

with his tail intact.

And his little brother Patric wearing his tail too.

Now I'm off to do more sewing - a few more burp cloths and putting some binding on a big quilt.

It's sunny right now but cold. A good day to sew.


  1. Such cute little dinos!! Love the tails!

  2. Darn cute dinos! Love those tails. Was it as cold and rainy where the boys are as it was here? We only got 12 goblins come to our house.

  3. How sweet are they!?
    Cute costumes.

  4. So cute! And so much play value in those costumes after Halloween. Perhaps grandma should create more costumes for their tickle trunk?


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