Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Enjoy - Part 2

Sorry I didn't get a chance to upload these yesterday. Here's the rest of the quilts. Sit back, grab a tea or a coffee and ENJOY!!

I love nine-patch quilts. They are so versatile and yet so very simple.

Batiks in blue.

Judy and I studied this quilt. She was the one who noticed that it was done a block at a time. It used to be called apartment style quilting because you sew up the square, layer it, quilt it and once all the squares were done, you put it together with sashing strips. Now it's called 'quilt as you go.' It's a lot of work and my friend Marg made one like it years ago and said she would never do another one like it. Years ago (25+ years) some people used wide sashing with batting in it and where four of the blocks came together, there was a poof. The poof should have been quilted down but wasn't and maybe on a bed it looked good but hanging the quilt made the construction stand out and looked a bit faulty.

I went back to take a better shot of this. Using thin sashing strips helped to make this quilt look seamless.

I loved the pattern. It looked like a variation on Jacob's ladder.

Oh look. It's Patric's Teddies. I borrowed the quilt back from Patric in September when I was in BC. I still love this quilt and it was a lot of fun to make.

 I'm sorry I didn't manage to photograph the cards on these. As you can see from the heads, it was a busy section.

 Sorry, I didn't get a photo of the blurb for this one either.

Although you can't really tell, these flowers are 3D.

Since my battery kept dying, I thought I would show part of two blocks so you could see the 3D construction.

There are some quilts we would never do and this one is one that Judy said she would never make. Me? I would never make an English paper-pieced hexagon quilt.

This is a stunning quilt.

A bit of the detail that's in this quilt.

Made by a man and it was machine appliqued - using the hem stitch. It was hard to find those stitches.

Yes, it was for sale.

I love Hawaiian quilts and I love batiks and solids.

I liked this one up close more than in this overall shot. Maybe it was all the fabrics that I liked.

It's nice to find a pattern specifically for some fabrics in one's stash.

I do like the 3D effect that one can get with just fabrics.

Wow, quilted in the ditch. That's a lot of quilting.

Oh look, another one of my quilts.

Simple but effective. Just two blocks repeated.

It's always nice to see hand quilted quilts.

I really like this pattern and it's a great one to use up all those random squares one collected years ago from swaps and from visiting quilt shows (some quilt shows used to give attendees a 'quilter's candy'.)

Judy was impressed that these were made of wool.

Too bad the quilt was so high up. It would have been nice to see the details.

A two-colour quilt.
 Looks like she persevered and it paid off. Hand quilted too.

A very modern feel to this. A great way to show off those fabrics you are finding hard to cut into.

Well, that's it for now.
I hope you liked the show.


  1. I LOVE that yellow one with the poppies. and the three dimensional ones are amazing. Such a lot of work gone into them all.

  2. Thanks for sharing this beautiful quilt show , lots of eye candy for sure !!

  3. Lovely Quilts, a lot of inspiration. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Such a pleasant post to peruse on a cold snowy morning.

  5. Wow you had 3 quilts in this show - awesome!!! Tons of inspiration here, isn't there? You just find the best quilt shows!!

  6. I love the birds and the three dimensional flower quilts. Nice to see your quilts in the show too - still love the teddies!!


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