Thursday, April 10, 2014

Rouge Valley Quilt Show - Part two

Continuing on with more photos of the show.

This is a very simple pattern but the colours were quite nice.

I wish now that I had stood back a bit more to get a better photo of the quilt but there were quite a few people at the show.

 Marg liked this quilt. I liked the applique pandas.

This quilt was so very pretty in person. They were my colours.

The surprise for me was that it was machine appliqued.

A classic pattern.

Nice to know that the blocks were finally used.

I really liked this quilt because even though the pattern looks very modern...

there was a lot of hand quilting on it.

One of my all time favourites - the lowly nine patch.

This horse took Marg's fancy.

Just something different that took my fancy.

 I hope you can see how pretty this quilt was. It was simply gorgeous in person.

Made by Hetty of Crafts and Stuff blog. Pop on over to her blog since her photo is better than mine. One day we will meet in person.

Another French braid but in very dark colours this time.

That's it for today. I will post the rest of the photos tomorrow.


  1. Very nice quilt show tour, so many photos. Love them all, especially the first one in this post that doesn't look easy! ;)

  2. Love the variety of quilts in this. My favorite in this group is the batik flowers.

  3. I'm with you in liking the blue and white one. There's something about those colours that catches my eye every time.

  4. I love seeing such different quilts all looking beautiful. The classic designs are my favorite, but they all look finely made. Have a great weekend.


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