Wednesday, August 14, 2013

This week

Well, it's Wednesday once again and time to link up to the Needle and Thread Network and also to Esther's blog. Go see what other creative people are up to this week.

What am I up to? Well, several things.

I am slowly continuing on with my green quilt, Garden Path.

I've chosen a few more fabrics to finish off the last row for my 16-patch quilt. The colours are not good in this photo but when I went with better lighting, the red wasn't true. In this photo the red is true but the light blue is actually a green and on the left is a green, not the beige that I can see.

And this is what's on the frame. I haven't started quilting it yet and it won't be totally revealed until it's finished. Not to fear, it's not that big and I am stocked up with books on tape so I'm all set.

What are you up to this week?
On a personal family note, my eldest son Mark and his wife Kate are in Europe doing a tour of Scandinavia. They have decided to visit Amsterdam (Netherlands,) Tallinn (Estonia,) Helsinki (Finland,) Stockholm (Sweden) and then to Copenhagen (Denmark) where Mark is presenting a poster at a conference. They were nice enough to take the time to visit with my long-time pen pal in Helsinki and I am very happy.
My middle daughter Maili and her boyfriend Casey are on their way to Seattle from Portland and then on to the outskirts of Vancouver to take part in the Fat Dog run.
It's apparently very scenic but I do hope they don't run into any cougars or bears. Maili and her friend are doing the 50 mile run while Casey is doing the 70 mile. Good luck to them. After the run they will be heading north to visit little Luc and his brother Patric - oh yes, mom Laila and papa Gilles too.


  1. wow you are all so busy! I hope they all have a great time its great to make so many memories while they can!

  2. Looks like you have a lot on the go to keep you busy! :)

  3. Lots on the go, eh? I'm interested in how the Garden Path will turn out.

    Running 70 miles?! I used to run marathons (just over 26 miles) but can't fathom 70+ -- with or without a canine companion!!

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  5. Morning Dolores I like the green blocks coming up, so many lovely greens there. every time I visit your blog I gasp when I see your header. SO so Beautiful. Cheers Glenda

  6. Colors are always hard to photograph. I look forward to seeing both these pieces when you finish them. You have a very well traveled family.

  7. Love those green blocks. Can't wait to see what you will do with them. Thanks for linking to those other wonderful Canadian quilters. I never would have found them otherwise.

  8. Your green blocks are looking very yummy!

  9. That blue and white quilt block looks yummy.... best of luck to all your runners, two of my kids are training for a marathon, one just injured himself (thankfully only mildly).

  10. Hi Dolores,

    The Garden Path quilt is going to be lovely and I look forward to seeing it finished.
    Sounds like your family are travelling to some wonderful places.
    Many thanks for visiting me and wishing you a great week

  11. Nice! Looks very different with other colours...

  12. cool looking quilts! i wish i will have time to quilt one day, i've been collecting plenty of fabric over the years...


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