Friday, August 30, 2013

Christmas quilt and gifts

On the frame.

No turns made yet but the quilt is being worked on.
I received a gift.

This is the bag. Inside was ...

this gorgeous piece of fabric.

The name is blueberry land.
My eldest son and his wife just happened to be in Helsinki a couple of weeks ago and picked this up for me. It's so pretty and about 60" wide. I have no idea what I'm going to make with it but it has to be something special.
Thank you Mark and Kate.

I have been remiss. A couple of months ago I won a giveaway over at Mixed Media Artist.

It was this cute book. I'm hoping my daughter will come over when she has time so we can make some of these guys.
Thank you Cyndi.


  1. I hope your son enjoyed hs stay in Helsinki and the whole trip. The fabric is pretty, maybe you can make something for yourself to wear?

  2. Lovely quilt in the frames and very interesting fabric from your son and his wife , hmm wonder what you will make ? Congrats on the win.

  3. Uh, oh....the "C" word and none too soon really is it? If we want to have things finished by then...we must get a hustle on for sure...

  4. I love Marimekko fabric; it's always so vibrant. The Christmas quilt is lovely. The paper pups look like great fun.

  5. I'm looking forward to seeing what you make with the pretty fabric. As for the quilting tools - I'm not a 'sane' quilter, but I find masking tape absolutely invaluable in crazy quilting. Just a hint tho - I use painters tape because it doesn't leave a residue behind on the fabric. Regular masking tape is a little too sticky and picks up bits of dirt and fuzz.


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