Friday, July 12, 2013

Quilts - the old and the new

This quilt has been hanging on my upstairs hall wall for several years now and it's time for a change. I mentioned it to my daughter Laila when she was here and she said she'd like it - for her boys. So, off it came from the wall and out it went for a good shake to get the dust off.

I was going to wash it but really, it isn't dirty and since I don't like the puckered look of 'aged' quilts, I will leave it as is. My daughter and her family live in farm country where there are cows, horses and chickens. This quilt is called Pioneer Sampler and it was made in 1994.

This is what I have been working on a little at a time. I added two more blocks this morning to the 16-patch quilt after I ironed them.

 I really do like this. It's cheerful, colourful and so simple to make. I am making it for one of my single beds so at 7 blocks across, it's fine (the blocks are 8 inches finished.) I just have to figure the length. Right now it's almost 8 blocks long and so I may make it 9 or 10 rows long. I have to see what colours to add and that's the main reason I took this photo (actually, a series of photos.) None of the darker fabrics have been repeated and I like that.


  1. Love your Pioneer Sampler. The 16-patch looks great too! I am also working on one at the moment. Mine will not be as big. I only plan to go 6 across and 8 down. I cannot quilt anything bigger than that. Are you going to quilt yours by yourself?

  2. They are both lovely, interesting how designs change, the bright blocks look so good together. Cheers from Jean

  3. your pioneer sampler is gorgeous, and I really love your 16-patch!!

  4. Your 16 patch is amazing! Love it. I think I might have to give it a go too.

  5. I bet the boys will grow up loving the pioneer quilt and think it was made for them. The patch quilt is beautiful. It's really going to brighten up your single bed.

  6. This is gorgeous! I can't see it, but are you using solid colors or printed fabrics?


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