Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Going back home

This little fella, Patric, being held by his mummi,

 and his big brother Luc,

 went home. Here they are with their mom and pops (grandpa) at the airport yesterday. There was some concern as to whether or not their flight was on time or even take off. It was delayed for over 20 minutes. Toronto experienced record rainfall and flooding the day before. It knocked the airport computers down but we got them there on time and surprisingly, the roads were not congested at all.

Laila received compliments from the flight attendant and other passengers on how well behaved Luc was and how adorable little Patric was. Everything was fine and Laila said it was because she was well organized.


  1. Glad they got out safely. Have you experienced any trouble because of the flooding? Hope you are high and dry...

  2. I've been following the news about your flash floods. My goodness, what's going on in this country this summer!
    Sure are some cute kids!

  3. Glad everyone got home safely. Cute kids!

  4. I am sure you miss them today , glad they were able to make the flight without any issues, I did see the flooding on TV and it was incredible . Such sweet grandchildren you have !

  5. That smile should melt everyone's heart!

  6. How nice to get compliments on Luc's behavior. I bet your house feels very empty now.

  7. Are they cuties! I bet it feels bare without them round - but maybe a little more a restful!

    Hope to see you at the Christmas QAL at the weekend.


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