Saturday, February 23, 2013


I tend to procrastinate when it comes to doing certain things. This past week, I finally bit the bullet and just decided to get it over and done with so I can then sew, knit and crochet what I wanted to do.

See the cushion on the bottom? I was asked to make covers for it and there are 4 in total. I purchased the fabric last month (black or gray was fine) and was able to get 8 covers. Just the right amount. There are just scraps left and I will probably pitch them. Not much left to do anything with. Now, it's my time.

Last week, the Champagne Quilters gained one more person. Hopefully, it will take less time to make a quilt. One of Marg's neighbours asked if she could join us and make quilts. The next one will be going to their church to be raffled off. The pattern is one that we have done already but Marg has always liked it so much, we decided to remake it instead of going with the fan quilt we were initially going to make. The pattern will be the crazy stars or wonky stars. If I have a photo, I will post it, otherwise, I guess I will take a photo of the photo that Marg has. We used two different sizes in our first one and it was scrappy. This one will be just blue and white. Marg went through some of the scraps that we have and it turns out that there aren't many fabrics with just blue and white. We did find some white on white that we will use for the background. While going through the fabrics, this old block turned up again.

I think it came with some of the fabric that was donated to us years and years ago. I always thought it would make a nice quilt. Neither Marg nor Ann really cared too much for it so I finally said I would take it off their hands. I may decide one day to make a whole quilt of it. There is just something appealing to me about this really simple block.
Have a great, safe weekend.


  1. That is a lovely block, and fine fabric will be a whole lot easier than the heavy chair coverings!! Enjoy the quilting together. Cheers from Jean

  2. I like the square; I look forward to seeing pictures of the wonky star pattern. I have done very little "creative" work lately as I am working my way through a "must get done" list.

  3. I love that floral block too, think it will make a lovely quilt. I always enjoy the different photos you have in your header...lovely! Hooray for getting another project off your "must do" list and having some creative fun.

  4. Oh, YESSSS, Dolores. You should make more blocks of this cute last pattern ! It really is so lovely... (very much appealing to me as well ;>)

    Best thoughts,


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