Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A few more

I really should have been working on a few other things but...

I just had to add a few more blocks to this quilt. I still don't know if I want to make it 7 blocks across or 8. The blocks will finish at 8 inches and I really don't want to add a border but I want it big enough for a single bed. I don't need anymore lap quilts.
My friend Marg has this book and I borrowed it to photocopy a pattern because two other people besides myself wanted a copy of this quilt.
I saw one at a quilt show and thought it was an interesting design - one that uses scraps.
This is a quilt that Marg made. She did curse the border but with a bit of fudging, she made it work. The only thing she regrets is that she should have made it bigger.
This is the name of the quilt.
There are some really nice quilts in the book. They all come with the patterns so you can dive right in and get to work on the quilt that has captured your attention.
I have always liked the Grandmother's Fan pattern.
Another setting for the fan. This one is paired with Jacob's Ladder blocks and some applique.
And one last fan quilt. I really want to make another fan quilt but I have so many other things to finish up first.
If you get a chance to look at this book, you may end up making a quilt or two from it. There are a lot of good ones in it - both pieced and appliqued and as I mentioned, the full sized patterns are there too. No need to find a photocopier to blow anything up.
Disclaimer: I have no connection whatsoever to the makers of this book. No one asked me to review it. It's just a good one that I thought you should know about.
I'm going to link up with The Needle and Thread Network. Hop on over, there's always something interesting to see.


  1. I'm loving the 16 patch. I would keep adding if I were you and do without the border. If you make it square, it doesn't have a top or bottom, which is handy :o)

  2. Your quilt looks great. Although it's more work, I sat the bigger, the better.

  3. Great looking 16 patch. Love the simplicity but the impact of the squares. This is a traditional pattern I have on my quilt wish list to try sometime.

  4. It looks beautiful, and very colourful! Isn't it wonderful to make all those quilt in books in your mind?

  5. Beautiful 16 patch, and so much inspiration from that book!

  6. Nice patterns. Your own quilt looks so good.

  7. Great book. It looks so familiar. I thought I had it in my quilt library, but I can't find it. Maybe I borrowed it from our guild library.

  8. Loving the 16 patch! The selection of colours is great.

  9. Both your quilt and the book look dangerous to me - much too inspiring ......


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