Thursday, December 13, 2012

Today and this month

I just finished skypeing with these two - Luc and Laila. The tree behind them is a real tree and I am told that little Luc likes to un-decorate it. They have snow - we don't and today's high is supposed to be 6C.

This was a letter (I am assuming it's a Christmas card) that came in today's mail. I like the post office cancellation stamp. Children can write letters to Santa at North Pole and his postal code is - HOH OHO. This card wasn't even for us. The sender got one number wrong in the address and so, after a little bit of searching online, I found out that it is our neighbour, just up the street.

This past month I have baked a lot. Multigrain bread and banana loaves. Most go home with my children since my husband and I cannot eat a whole lot of bread and I really don't like freezing stuff.

This really was worthy of a shot. Pixel and Digit are sisters but they are not friends. They do not normally sleep this close to each other and when it did happen, I had to capture the moment. We are so lucky that these senior girls are still so very healthy.

Well, back to finishing up my sewing - well finishing a couple of things and then there are a couple more things to make. It will all get done. No stress, at least, not yet.


  1. Lovely family photo Dolores.Isn't skype such a great device for catching up with family.
    Those loaves look so delicious.There's nothing like the smell of fresh bread baking.
    We can't eat much bread either.
    Judy xx

  2. What an adorable pic of Laila and Luc!!! Love the Santa postal code. Dolores, you'll have to send me your recipe for banana bread, I'm planning on making some for Christmas gifts, but I've never made it before.
    Such a cute pic of the kitties - they do get cuddlier as the weather gets colder, don't they?

  3. Cool skype photo.Love the smell of holiday baking in the house.

  4. Hi, I hopped over to you from The Midnight Sun. Love the 2 sisters, what a wonderful bushy tail, are they from different litters? Different Dad's, love the grey markings too.I'm adding you to my increasing blog list, and Skype, great way to catch up with those so far aeway. Greetings from Jean in New Zealand.


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