Monday, December 17, 2012

Late gift

My quilting buddy Judy and I don't get together too often. During the year, we do attend a quilt show or two but the last one we were to meet up at never took place. Judy lives an hour and a half away and this quilt show was almost half way from her place and my home. Unfortunately, her daughter had the flu that day and fainted and they decided to go to the clinic. As a result, I didn't go to the quilt show on my own. We were to exchange birthday and Christmas gifts. Judy's b-day is in Sept. and mine is in Oct. Well, I just received Judy's gift this weekend. My husband was in her town and picked it up. He had delivered mine to Judy's home the last time he was in her town, which was the day we were to meet up.

Gorgeous fabric, isn't it? Almost too nice to cut up. The pattern was part of the gift too. It's a Canadian pattern company, Quilters Clutter, and one I had not heard of before. They have some really cute patterns.

The paper pieced elk is part of our paper pieced North American animal exchange (mammals only, no birds.) It's been going on now for several years. We are in no hurry with our challenges and exchanges. We realize that life gets in the way and also that we have other things we like to concentrate on. One day we'll find that we have exhausted all the foundation pieced North American animal patterns out there and then start to make the quilt.
I'm looking forward to opening up her Christmas gift - but that won't be until the big day.

Now, I still have a three things to finish sewing so I should go and utilize my time wisely.
I have finished my Christmas shopping so at least that's out of the way. I do want to bake some cookies for Santa, though.


  1. These are super. It`s also fun to hold back a wrapped gift from someone just for you. Good on ya!
    Cheers from Oshawa,

  2. Great stuff. I love the paper pieced moose!

  3. Wow - that elk is fabulous! And such pretty fabric! What fun to do something like that, especially since you're doing it with absolutely no pressure, just for fun. Hope you get your baking in - mum and I are going to start Wednesday, not sure if we'll finish the same day!

  4. What delightful gifts from your friend!


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