Monday, August 13, 2012

Blue Jays

No, not the bird kind, the baseball kind - the Toronto Blue Jays. It was family day at our house yesterday since those of us that live in Toronto got together (it was actually a Father's Day gift) and attended the Jays game at the Rogers Centre (formerly known as SkyDome.)

We all met at a venue not too far from the stadium since I had all the tickets. The Jays were playing opposite the New York Yankees and I can tell you, it was a very good game. The Toronto Blue Jays won 10-7.

I always like looking at the artwork outside the building.

There was a bag piper trying to make a few dollars.

There was also an artist or two selling their wares. This was just one of the 3 displays there.

Carrie Underwood threw out the ceremonial first pitch.

Oh look Maili, it made it to the blog. This is the compulsory photo. That's Casey beside her.

Mom with 3 of her young'uns - Eric, Maili and Mark.

This is the third of three photos Eric took - trying his darndest to just take his photo, with the baseball field in the background, but without his sisters. He didn't quite make it.

Casey quickly sneaking in to the shot with Ayla and Kate.

I don't know why my children have to have their mouths open as soon as they see a camera pointed at them. That's Ashlee beside him.

Watching or snoozing? The roof does open up but there was a hint of rain so the roof stayed closed.

After dinner at our house. Great time. Family time. Nothing beats it. Maybe an annual event - with the B.C. part of the family,,,


  1. Love it when the Jays beat the Yankees! What a great family time.

  2. Lovely blog post, Dolores! I like your family pictures.

  3. Precious pictures. Lovely! Glad you had a great day!

  4. What a lovely family you have, Dolores. You must be so very proud!
    And what fun (o:

  5. looks like you all had a great time.....and you beat the Yankees!!!

  6. It looks Locke a good time was had by akk.

  7. Hi Dolores,

    You have a great family and I enjoyed seeing your photos.
    Looks like you all had a wonderful family day out and even better when the Blue Jays won!

    Happy rest of the week


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