Friday, March 30, 2012

Little purchases

I was in Fabricland not too long ago to get some flannel that was on sale so I could make a couple of receiving blankets to go with the baby quilt. While I was waiting in line at the checkout counter, this is what I found.

Cute little, flexible thimbles. I couldn't resist since they were only 2/$1.00.

 And then there were these little embroidery scissors. You can never have too many pairs of scissors. They seem to get misplaced so quickly. I did manage to find three different flannel prints that were suitable for a baby and I have serged the edges. All is ready and I am way early since the little one isn't due until the end of the summer. (Blogger isn't co-operating since both these photos are sideways.)

Now, I find that good friends of ours will be first time grandparents in September so I guess I will be making another baby quilt. Exciting days ahead.


  1. Hi! I am on Esther's list and see you are inToronto,I am in Burlington. I wish I would have known about the Etobicoke Quilt show. I alway atten their show but had not heard until I read your blog.

  2. Those scissors are darling - and I agree, you can't have too many! I can't wear thimbles like that, but they are pretty!

  3. Good finds. I have a few different pairs of those enameled embroidery scissors and love them.

  4. You bought some cute findings. Love the thimbles. I have never seen them over here.


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