Tuesday, November 8, 2011

For me

When I was at the Rouge Valley quilt show, the only thing I purchased was a small quilt kit. It was sold by Picton Fabric World, a quilt store in Picton, Ontario. It is the same vendor I had purchased the Hallowe'en mini quilt kit at an earlier quilt show.

  Isn't it cute? I couldn't decide on whether I wanted this one or one that had Santa and a snowman but this one can be hung on the wall longer since it is winter-themed not just Christmas.

Here's one done up. I asked if I could take a photo so that I could figure out which fabrics go where. The vendor also told me that in the kit is extra fabric to make binding since the instructions call for a pillow case finishing and she thought binding was nicer. I agree.

These are books I ordered for myself as a birthday gift - the knitting books are courtesy of my daughter. Thank you. I had borrowed them from the library and they were so good that I decided I would like my own copies for my own library. The quilt book is 'just because.'

Have a great, creative week. I will be busy getting ready for a very special little guest and his mom who are coming for a visit.


  1. Hey Dolores!!

    Love your little snowmen wall-quilt!! A wonderful pattern!!

    Looks like some great books there! Good for you!! 8-)

  2. What a very cute pattern! I love the border to the second one.
    Ah, one can never have enough books! When is your birthday?

  3. Love the snowmen. It's always good to treat yourself. Great photo by the way.

  4. Hello Dolores,

    A beautiful kit,happy stitching. Just because is the best reason on earth,enjoy those books.
    Happy days.

  5. The snowman quilt is adorable. The books look like they'll be well used. I know you're going to enjoy your visitors.

  6. Very cute snowmen! How nice to treat yourself too - those are the best presents because you are sure to get what you want.

  7. Oh how gorgeous the snowman wall quilt is! I have no doubt yours will look just as beautiful:-) That would be my problem if I quilted, I would want to keep every project I made! lol xoxo


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