Friday, November 4, 2011

Another quilt show Part 2

I am hoping to get the rest of the photos in this blog post. I hope you like the show. I did.

There is just something special about applique quilts.

Here's the blurb for it.

Applique and piecing. Something a little different.

This is another pattern by Country Creations. Apparently it is "not a difficult quilt [to make] but very time consuming."

The blurb.

A batik diamond quilt. Simple in design but very effective.

I do like southwest themed quilts.

 More batiks but with applique this time.

A fun, bright crazy quilt.

 Something a little different using just a few colours.

Bargello done with just squares.

Fowl anyone?

A lot of love went into this.

Look at all those triangles.

I almost missed this one because it was so high up. I'm not very tall so it's hard to take shots that are above my head.

Positive/negative in scraps.

Framed maple leaves. An appropriate fall quilt.

Another quilt with a limited colour palette but quite effective.

Tree of life and if I'm not mistaken, it is hand quilted. Nicely done in the border.

Ah yes, this one. The maker made it for her mother.

And here's the last quilt. Another quilt pattern by Harebrained Happenings.

The blurb - and look, it's hand quilted. It's such a popular pattern that it was also made as a second prize in the raffle.

I do hope you all enjoyed the quilt show. I only bought one small kit and I'll show it to you later.


  1. Sometimes I wonder if the finished quilt population is as big as the world population ...
    Beautiful quilts!

  2. A lovely assortment. I find it interesting that they chose to hang some so high.

  3. Great shots! The reason that some of the wall hangings were displayed so high up is because of lack of space. In former years we held our quilt show at a local church. There was lots of wall space. But this year it was held in a community centre and all in one room. There was lots of space for the large quilts, but very little space for the wall hangings. Because it was all in one room, the vendors, the coffee shop and the members bazaar were set up all around the outside of the room. That left little wall space for our quilts. Everyone who went to the show complained about the height. I think we may be having our next show in a different venue. Oh, and that first quilt by Sandy Scinoco won viewers choice! She is an amazing quilter! She won viewers choice for her wall hanging too.

  4. Thanks again for taking us to the show! I keep going back to the maple leaves .... maybe I'm missing them this time of year. I liked Simone's thought!

  5. Hi Dolores,

    There are so many talented people out there and I loved seeing all the gorgeous quilts. Thanks for showing us.

    Happy week

  6. I love seeing photos from quilt shows!! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful quilts you've seen Dolores!

  7. I'm always happy when I see your quilt show posts because I know I'm going to be in for a visual treat and these were no exception. Thanks again!

  8. The quilt with all the triangles is called Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll, a pattern by Bonnie Hunter. It was done as a mystery quilt on her website. Cynthia in sunny Saanichton, BC

  9. I'd heard that the Rouge Valley show was very good this year, and judging from your photos Dolores, they were right. They also said there were quite a few hand quilted quilts at this show, which would be nice to see. Thank you for sharing your photos with us.


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