Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring Fling dolls

Look what came in the mail.

I belong to a yahoo group called Decidedly Different Dolls and we have challenges and swaps. This was a Spring Fling swap. I thought at first that she was a tulip and called her Tulip girl but then I looked closer and thought that perhaps her maker, Therese, made her as a Rose. So, I asked Therese which one was she. Here's what she said, "She started from a rose pattern, but I think her finished look is more tulip and I was inspired by a yellow and red tulip in my garden. So I'll name her Tula." All swaps are to be 4 or 5 inches in height and Tula is exactly 4 inches.

This is Sunny. I made her for Brenda but shhhhh - I don't know if she received her yet. Little Sunny has a worm that she caught. She has to keep up her strength since she is expecting twins.

This is Sunny's nest. On the left is the inside of her nest and the right shows the outside.

Here's Sunny's back view. She stands at 5 inches on her own. If she is sitting in her nest, she is a bit taller.


  1. How adorable Dolores.Love the flower, and "owlie". Bet you had a lovely surprise!!Thanks for sharing your photos.

  2. Tula is lovely!!!!! Your owl is just awesome - love the nest, the worm, the "feathers', you are SO creative!

  3. These are both totally wonderful! I wouldn't be able to pick a favourite between them because they are both so cute.

  4. That's a hoot Dolores.
    Your owl is lovely, she's different and I like it.
    x x x

  5. oh wow!!! these are so so cool....and how fun to do swaps and get these treasures in the mail!!!

  6. Tula the tulip rose is so pretty! I love how she started out as a rose and the maker ended up making her like a tulip from her garden.
    Your little owl in its nest is very cute too!

  7. Your dolls are delightful, I love the detail of the worm in the owl's beak.

  8. I just love your little 'WHO' - the recipient should be very happy with her prezzy.

  9. Love Tula Dolores. She is so sweet and also the cute owl that you have made. I really like the feathers at the back. You must have had great fun making her. I also love the tulip quilt you posted about. I hope your weather improves. Our is sunny all the way now.

  10. Hi Dolores,

    Love your sweet Tula and the cute owl you have made.
    This would be a fun swap.
    Also like your new header and what an interesting building.

    Happy weekend


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