Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have done this pattern so many times that I have it down pat now with my own little tips to make it more of a quality item. I cut the pattern out with pinking shears so the fabric won't shred over time and I have also sewn little extra bits of fabric at the bottom of the 'strap' to reinforce it. My daughter (the middle one is the only one living in TO right now) was the guinea pig for the pattern and she liked it so much that I made her sisters one too. Then I made a few more. I have mentioned it before but I will tell you again that it is Vogue 8466. I am not endorsing Vogue but I do have to "cite my source" as they say in the library world.

The one that started it all. It turned into a useful item.

For the little girl in England who likes it so much the other one I made has not been used yet.

For the eldest daughter in B.C. I just wanted to try out the fabric and I didn't even think of matching up the plaid.

For Amie's mom in Devon.

And these last two I did yesterday and today - just because. I'm going to take a break and make a diaper bag - or something totally off the wall and freeing.


  1. Those are really nice bags - I can 'see' one in my favourite denim!

  2. How awesome are those bags?!!! It's no wonder your daughters like them so much:-) I also love the Seminole sampler you made, shown in your previous post. xoxo

  3. These are really lovely Dolores - I saw the ones you made for Midge on her blog. I can't believe you didn't work for days on matching up that plaid - wonderful!

  4. isn't that great when you can take one pattern and modify it to so many other uses?! you've got a great collection going there....and what a nice surprise that the plaid matched up all by itself!! :))

  5. what lovely bags! I will have to try out that pattern and what lovely fabrics too, especially the deep red one.

  6. NICE BAAAGS ! :)

  7. Dolores your bags are wonderful...I can't say I have a favorite because I can see each one with a different outfit....


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