Sunday, February 21, 2010

Leaving with a gift

Both daughters have now left. Christmas in February went by quickly but was filled every day. Both girls got in some family time and some visiting with friends time. Avatar even made it on the list and there were eight of us that took in the 10:00 p.m. show. 
We brought Laila to the airport last Sunday morning and this morning we took Ayla to the airport.  She is on her way back to England as I write this.

That bag she has is her one carry-on luggage and I can attest to the fact that it was HEAVY.

Just making sure all the paperwork is here.

I asked Ayla if she wanted an Emma's Tree in a different colour than the Christmas one I made her and she said yes but she wanted it to go with her decor. She said her room was black and white - with red. The first one I cut up and put up for display was way too red so I cut some more black and white squares from the fat quarters that she selected and had her help to arrange them the way she wanted. It has a curtain ring hanger on the back so that she can hang it on her wall. I am currently working on a new bag for her but since she said there was no way that she could squeeze it in to her luggage, I didn't rush to finish it. When it's done, I will show the finished bag. She chose the fabric and the lining from my stash and all I had to buy was cording for the handle, a zipper and interfacing.


  1. Oh dear, your house will be empty again. I love the tree you made for your daughter! You did a wonderful job with aranging the colors!

  2. It must be so difficult putting them on planes! I love the tree you made for her.

  3. I bet you all had some tears when the girls left. I know I would have. Love the tree. Would you mind sending me the pattern? I would love to make some for gifts this year. I could send you something nice in exchange.

  4. The tree turned out beautifully. An unusual colour combination for it... but it works!

  5. It's always such a sad moment when you have to say goodbye but I'm glad that you were able to have some time with them:-) I just love that tree you made for her, you are so talented!!

    I'm so excited that you are mailing me a pair of the Olympic mittens, I will let you know as soon as they arrive. Thank you SO much!! xoxo

  6. Hi Dolores,

    Always great to have them stay, but sad when they go away.
    The tree is wonderful and I love the colours.

    Have a great week

  7. oh, i KNOW you had such a fabulous time with your girls home.....and not easy at all putting them back on airplanes to leave! your emma's tree is beautiful, dolores.....i love those blacks and whites, with a little red!! wonderful! :))

  8. Hard to see them go away again. I have my oldest son and his family coming for the weekend. Can't wait. Seems like a long time since I saw them at Christmas. Thanks for stopping by my blog. LOVE the tree but then I love black and white anything. :)Bea

  9. Ah bless you .....
    she looks happy though....
    Never mind Mom. x x x
    At least it's good to know she knows what she wants and goes and gets it.
    I am sure you wouldn't have her any other way. x x x

  10. Hi Dolores. Just catching up with all the blog posts I have missed. How lovely to have had your kids with you but sad to see them go. That red, black and white tree is gorgeous btw.


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