Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Doors for inspiration and a gift for me

A couple of posts ago I showed some of the tile that I took photos of while on vacation in southern California where my daughter used to live. When going through the photos again, I realized that there were quite a few that featured doors. I love unusual doors, windows and chairs. Here are some of the door photos I took.
This was taken at a residential complex that my daughter's employer was involved in - it was a landscape architecture firm.

Same residential complex.

This gorgeous door was in the Venice Beach area.

I know it's a window in the middle but off to the left is a really nice grill on what could be just a plain door. I love the window above the door too. This was taken at the The Embassy Hotel Apartments in Santa Monica, California.
This is the front of The Embassy Hotel Apartments. I love the courtyard and think it adds so much to the entrance.

This huge entrance was photographed at Balboa Park in San Diego, beside the zoo.
Just to give you an idea as to the size of these doors.  
(I always like to have some idea as to size when I see something. The digital camera is great but when I see something, I really want to know if the object is the size of my hand or the size of a house.)

Lastly, this beauty is at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano, California.

Here's some arches. I figured they went well with the theme of doors.

This arch with the columns was at the residential complex mentioned above.

An unusually designed arch at The Embassy Hotel and Apartments. It wasn't the only one like this that they had.

 A pretty, decorative arch at the Mission in San Juan Capistrano.

This wonderful, serene photo showing many arches is in the central courtyard of the Mission.

**Note, once again: Please ignore the date stamp on some of the photos. It was a new camera and I did not know that the date would show up - nor did I know that the wrong date would make it's way onto the photos.

Gosh this post just goes on and on....
Last month, one of the bloggers I follow, Sandy at Dangling by a Thread, was giving away a small token of appreciation to her followers/commenters. I totally forgot about it until this morning when this lovely package came in the mail. Sandy is a Canadian living in Suffolk, England and she is a wonderful textile artist.

It includes a piece of hand dyed fabric in gorgeous green and aqua and some gold and bronze foil that you iron on to your work. THANK YOU Sandy, you made my day. Please stop by her blog and take a look at the wonderful things she does.


  1. Lovely doors. What is it with them, that is so impressive. Maybe the unknown behind them.
    Congratulations to your win!

  2. Lovely doors and arches you have photographed here. I am a great lover of doors and window architecture too. So many little gems (and big gems) all over the world. Great items you got in the post. I look forward to seeing what you create with the gold especially. I will pop over to her blog and take a look. Have a good week.

  3. hello Delores
    What fantastic photos, I wish I was there, seems like a wonderful magical place. Doors always fascinate me. The wonderful architecture could eaisly inpire a piece of textile art.

  4. Beautiful post Dolores.
    I love buildings, door way to ?
    you never know what is behind do you !
    x x x

  5. Wouldn't it be fun to re-create some of these doors into fabric art pieces? I think they would be beautiful.

  6. I LOVE arched doors. I always wanted a round door like Bilbo had in The Hobbit. Your photos are lovely and making me want to move!

    Congrats on your lovely gift!

  7. oh so wonderful!!! I love love love doors....and I am so thrilled for Team Canada...A very proud moment!!! for all of our wonderful Athletes!!

  8. Dolores!!!! I've received the mittens, thank you SO much!!! The small pair fits me perfectly, you should have seen me dancing around my kitchen wearing them right after I opened your package! lol I wish you'd let me pay for them but thank you for your generous heart:-)

    Such gorgeous doors and arches you took pictures of...I can't get over how huge some of those doors are!

    Congratulations on winning that giveaway!! Isn't it so much fun receiving such packages in the mail instead of the same old bills? hehe

    Thank you again for the mittens, my friend. xoxo

  9. I love each of those beautiful doors! What a great blog post! Thank you. :)
    (Blinkles Boulevard)


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