Sunday, December 6, 2009

Update on London and Emma's Tree

So now that I have sent my goodies to London and the little girl has received them, I can show you what I have been working on. Some friends of Ayla's went to London to visit relatives and they were kind enough to offer to bring her whatever we wanted. I hurried up to finish these so that she could do a bit of decorating for Christmas - a little bit of home. She is doing well BTW, and both she and Allie have found jobs. February is the month that she and her oldest sister plan on coming home so we will be having a family get-together then.

Here is the completed Emma's Tree. I found some fabric snowflakes and sewed them on with a bead in the middle of each. It is just lightly quilted to hold the batting and backing in place. Ayla called it a piece of art.

Since Ayla will not be home this year for Christmas, and since her stocking is at home, I made her this Santa Mitt to take the place of a stocking. I bought the kit way back in October when Judy and I went to the creative Sewing and Needlework Festival. This kit was put together by my favourite Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan quilt store, The Quilt Patch. I wasn't too keen on the fabrics but was persuaded to sew it with all the fabrics in the kit. I hoped Ayla would like it.

It does have a thin batting and I machine quilted it just to hold it together. The lining is a thin fleece-type material. I am happy to report that Ayla opened these yesterday morning and she loved them. Now, I have to make a few more grown-up stockings for a few of the other family members. The ones that we have used for years and years are a bit childish but this is the first year I was given permission to make new ones. A new tradition I suppose.


  1. Wonderful goodies gone to your daughter Dolores... 8-)

  2. Hi Dolores,

    I love the gifts you sent to Ayla.
    (sorry I got her name wrong the other day)
    Emma's tree quilt is lovely and the oven mitt is a neat idea.

    Happy week

  3. nice gifts.
    The Christmas tree is wonderful.
    ciao ciao

  4. That Christmas tree is soooooooo pretty! I have never seen something like it before

  5. Great goodies. I love the tree

    Love and hugs GIna xxx

  6. All your projects are just great, Dolores! I especially like that tree you made! Cute!
    All the best!

  7. I always have stocking hanging on the fireplace.
    You will be so pleased to see her, not that long to wait now.
    It's wet over here at the moment, but NO SNOW.....x x x

  8. Lovely, Dolores! I bet you are counting the days till you see Ayla in Feb.

  9. Oh how beautiful the tree and mitt are, you do such wonderful work and no doubt the girls loved them:-) xoxo


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