Saturday, December 26, 2009


Just before Christmas I made some new stockings. Santa needed to see something a bit more grown up - something fitting adults.

Here's the first one. Done crazy quilting style with upholstery samples.

And a photo of Casey, the recipient.


  1. Casey seems very pleased with this stocking.
    ciao and happy 2010.

  2. Your stockings are fun and your family beautiful. Happy New Year.

  3. wow... these stockings are great Dolores !

    Do you have some photos of your little mice? I've only seen one to make them from.... one that I bought years ago at a craft fair. I make them pretty much as they were then... different little fabrics for blankies of course... I wish I still had my original...but I gave him away one year...

  4. Dolores, these are THE most beautiful stockings that I have ever seen. Absolutely gorgeous!

  5. I would agree with Marion.
    The stockings are gorgeous and so unusual.
    It seems a shame to have to put them away!



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