Saturday, January 6, 2024

Latest finish

I have now made several shell stitch crocheted blankets. This is the latest one that I just finished today. 

I made it for my third granddaughter who requested blue and green. I did buy the navy and the colour in the middle which is sort of between blue and green. The other green is now finished as is the navy blue. 

In the beginning I started out making these little lap blankets for my grandchildren with the idea of using up some of my yarn. I shall be knitting a couple of hats for two of my other granddaughters with the greeny blue yarn in the middle and I may make a couple of extra hats to keep in my chest that is in my hall. There are a few children's gloves, mitts, scarves and hats in there, along with a sweater and light jacket. These are extras in case one of the little ones needs something. Some of the hats seem like they are stretched out of shape so new, better fitting ones would come in handy.

I will be putting my little snowflake wall quilt on the frame next and then there's a Minecraft quilt top waiting. I just don't know how to quilt that one.

Over the holidays I did manage to finally get Covid but I had no symptoms at all. Perhaps it's the seven boosters and latest flu shot that kept me well. Hopefully, none of you have been ill over the holidays.

There are lots of projects out there to do and so many free quilt patterns. My own list is mainly in my head and I am just going from one unfinished project to the next. A few things have not yet been started but hopefully, this will be a productive year.


  1. The crocheted blanket is pretty! - I used to write lists but nowadays I just sew and knit what feels nice at the moment.

  2. Pretty blanket! I'm sure it will be well loved.
    So glad that your Covid symptoms were minimal. We keep up to date on our shots too so hopefully if we end up succumbing the symptoms won't be too bad.


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