Thursday, October 20, 2022

High tea - Part 2


Here we all are at the Windsor Arms. 

From left to right and youngest to oldest - Ayla, Eric, (me), Maili and Mark. The only one missing is my eldest daughter, Laila. Peeking just behind Ayla, on the couch in red, is her youngest son, 4 month old Phinneaus.

Ayla with Phinneaus, all dressed up for the occasion.

My special birthday treat. I'm really not a fan of chocolate.

It was a lovely day with dinner later in the day and on Saturday I get to go to the theatre to see Singing in the Rain.


  1. Lovely all of it Delores. And a sweet baby too! I was in Toronto in May and had a photo taken of me on that sign; I didn't know it lit up!

  2. How special and fun for you! I want to know how Singing in the Rain was? It is one of my favorite movies. Your family looks very sweet and you look very happy. Happy belated Birthday. Newest little one is so cute! K-

  3. Cake stands, fine china, and family, it all adds up to that special date. Wonderful to see you all together.

  4. It all looks like a very fine and happy Birthday party. Lucky you to have so many children living near you.

  5. Looks like a wonderful family celebrating you.

  6. You have such a beautiful family, and they look like a lot of fun too! What a precious baby!!!!


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