Thursday, April 14, 2022

Needlework - embroidery

I'm lucky to have the knowledge to do many different needle crafts that I enjoy doing. My mom taught me to knit as a child and when I was a teen, working as an usherette in a theatre, I learned, along with my fellow usherettes how to crochet. I remember looking in a book and following the steps. I'm pretty sure my mom helped along the way with that too. 

In home economics, in grade 6 or 7, I remember that the first project we did was Swedish Huck embroidery on a towel. I found this in my linen cupboard and the colours I used were purple and green. 

I enjoyed doing it.

There are a few stains where the fold is so I should probably soak it in some Oxy.

It appears as if I still use that combination of colours. 

When my son's twins were born, we didn't know the gender and so I made a cross stitched card with those colours (which are really a lot brighter than the photo.)


  1. Tiny toes, so beautiful, I hope that it is kept for ever.

  2. Those colours look good together, and your cross stitch card is the sweetest! We learned something similar at school, I think we made a big bath towel with red and blue stitches.

  3. I remember learning huck embroidery when I was in home ec class in high school. Pretty much everything else I've learned has been on my own although my aunt did show me one or two basic crochet stitches. Do you remember those giant granny square afghans that were made by simply going around and around until it either reached the size you wanted or you gave up in complete and total boredom? That was my very first project - done with nylon fingering weight yarn. And did I finish it? Nope!!!


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